Frequently Asked Questions About PRREZE

It says use twice a day: When is the best way and time to do that?

We recommend morning and evening after your shower or bath. Leave it on.

My rash turned red, and looks infected.

After two days or so the rash does turn red and angry looking for most people. That is normal. It just means it is drying up and getting ready to leave.

 I was charged a tariff for my cream when it entered my country. Why?

 Each country has its own laws about importing products. That is different for every country, and we have no control of your import laws. Please check with your customs office for more accurate information.

 My cream has not arrived yet, international order

Sometimes an order gets “stuck” at customs. Since you have tracking information, you can often call your post office for help in seeing why it is stuck. Customs is something we have no control over. All we can do is make sure it has the correct tariff codes and customs information.

 I bought my cream yesterday and it has not arrived yet.

Yes, we have one day handling time, but shipping takes however long the post office says. We will get your cream to the shipper on time. After that, it is out of our hands.

 I paid for Express Shipping, and it took two days (domestic) to arrive. Why?

The shipping company (UPS or USPS) lists times that it should take to get to you on their website. Just enter your tracking number and it will give you the estimated delivery date. Some rural areas take two days, even with Express service.

 I paid for Express Shipping and my cream still took two weeks to arrive (international). Why?

We ship on time, and via the service you choose. Once it leaves our hands, we have no control. Sometimes a package gets held up in customs. Many countries do not have a guaranteed arrival time no matter how we ship. Go to or and look at “Calculate a price”. It will give you their best estimates of price and shipping time.

 I am allergic to eating one of the ingredients. Should I use the cream?

The odds are that you will be allergic to the topical application also. We would not recommend it.

 How long does it take for you to ship once I order?

We ship next day (except Sunday). Our shipping department works 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday except US federal holidays.

 How do I know it is working?

Your itch should subside within a half an hour of first application. Your rash should turn red and angry looking within two to three days. That is normal, and lets you know it is working.

 Directions say use it for five days, can I use it longer?

Yes. Many people use it as a daily moisturizer. It is safe to use as long as you like.

 My rash is not going away, why?

We are appalled at the number of people who are misdiagnosed. We have seen cases of lichens planus, guttate psoriasis, eczema, and granuloma annulare (among others) diagnosed as Pityriasis Rosea. If your rash is on your hands, face, or feet, you probably do not have PR. Prreze is formulated for PR only. It does take away most itches, but it does not necessarily work on all rashes. It may not take away your PR. We know that it works for most people. You are welcome to keep using it if it helps you in a noticeable way. We offer a money back guaranty.

 By the time I got my cream, my rash was gone, what do I do with it now?

You are welcome to use it as an itch reliever, (bug bites), a sunburn reliever, or you may return it for a full refund of your item price. We cannot refund your shipping.

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