Directions: Apply liberally on areas where rash is apparent twice a day for five days. Areas where cream is applied may become red and scaly within hours of application. 
This is an expected result, and means that the active ingredients are being ACTIVE! Some people have thought it was actually infected. Nope! Just working the way it is supposed to. Prreze is formulated specifically for pityriasis rosea, it may not work on any other rash, and certainly does not work on any other rash fast. Be sure your diagnosis is correct! Get a biopsy! You will have discolored skin after the rash falls off. It should be smooth but may appear lighter or darker than surrounding skin. This is NOT scarring! It will fade into skin tone within a few weeks.
 Safe to use on scalp, and “delicate” skin areas like inner thigh and underarm areas. If rash has not subsided within 5 days after your initial application period you may repeat it. NOT FOR INTERNAL USE. DO NOT INGEST. Do not use if you allergic to any of the ingredients.