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Distributors: We would love to grow our company! We would love to have jars of our creams in stores or at Farmer’s Markets all over the place. We would like to open that opportunity to any of you who are reading this! If you are thinking of a small business, or you already have one, and have room for our type of product, get in touch with us! We would love to see if we can find a way to expand that would be fair to you and to us, and get product more exposed to more people who might need it! If you go to www.naturepurelife.com, you will see our full range of products.

Our customers are pretty cool! We have had people who have psoriasis and then came down with PR, who told us that PrrEze helped with their psoriasis, so we developed PsoriasEze. It works on plaque psoriasis and guttate psoriasis. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks to clear the plaques, and smooth the skin of plaque psoriasis. Guttate psoriasis takes about 6 to 8 weeks to go away. We do not yet know the long term effects- whether the psoriasis will come back.

Some people have had “leftovers”, and have told us that our creams work great on sunburn. The main ingredient is aloe, so that makes sense.

Eczema is a silly doctor word that actually means “I have no clue what you have, I really don’t care enough to find out”. There are about 9 diseases lumped in under that name, they are allergies, fungal infections, parasites, and viruses. I HATE that kind of doctor. You are the one paying the doctor. The doctor’s job, in my opinion, is to tell you EXACTLY what is wrong with you, so you can take care of it, or at least know why you can’t fix it. If my doctor told me I have eczema and I had eczema, and I found out later that it was parasitic mites that could have been handled quickly and easily, I would be more than a little upset! Fungal infections can be handled with over the counter creams, or, at worst, some oral antifungals. Again, major upset if I have the rash for years, and find out it could have been cured in days with an over the counter cream. Allergy? Benedryl will rein it in, and then I can figure out what is causing it. Anyway, for those people who have one of those nasty doctors, we have developed XZema- that should cover many of the causes. It will not handle allergies.

Tattoo Care was one of those serendipitous discoveries. A friend had psoriasis, he used PsoriasEze. He got a new tattoo, and, being a man, decided that one cream was as good as another when he got his new tattoo. It was not his first tattoo ever, so he knew how the healing process worked. With our cream it was super fast, painless, and there was never any redness. Of course, we decided to investigate further. We have a neighbor who is actually a tattoo artist. We added a couple of things to the formula that we thought would make it more antibacterial, and gave him a couple of jars to give away to his clients. He went further than that- he decided to try tattooing while using the cream on his client’s skin. He found that there was a lot less redness while doing the tattoo, it was wonderfully emollient, and it did not allow the colors to meld into other colors, giving a much crisper tattoo. Our first client! He now uses that routinely for tattooing, and recommends Tattoo Care to all his clients.

My oldest son came home from the Navy with a nasty case of athlete’s foot. Not only was it ugly, it also made his feet very malodorous. The VA was giving him both oral and cream antifungals, but they were having little if any effect, and this had been going on for over 2 years. It did not make him easy to live with. In our house, if you get a scrape, a cut, a bug bite, we slap some PrrEze on it. It certainly will not hurt, it stops itching, and the antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties are good for just about everything else. He decided to put some PrrEze on his feet. Within a couple of days his feet no longer smelled bad. Within a week, there was no more visible fungus. I added some oils that have more antifungal properties, and had the opportunity to try it on myself. I developed a heat rash, which then decided to turn into a fungal infection. It took three days of StopFungus to make it disappear entirely. I was used to using lotrimin on fungal infections, and I knew that would have taken just as long if not longer.

One of our clients reorders PrrEze on a regular basis. I thought that was a bit strange- we have a couple of ladies who use it as a daily moisturizer, like I do, but it was unusual to see a man reorder. It does smell a little flowery when you put it on, and it is pretty oily. Men usually do not get excited about either of those things. I thought I would ask. He said that he goes hiking, and he noticed that when he had PrrEze on he did not get mosquito bites, and did not get ticks either. I did some reading, and formulated StopBite. Our local volunteer fire fighters use it, here in south Texas, in an area known as River’s End. It is the boggy marshy wetlands area at the end of the river where it joins the Gulf of Mexico. Our summers are rather warm, and humidity hovers around 90 percent for at good portion of the year. Mosquitoes flash gang signs on the way by. We make sure the cats do not get carried away by an industrious swarm. I am telling you they are very bad. My oldest son enjoys fishing, he takes a jet ski into the marshlands and has fun. He uses StopBite instead of DEET type bug sprays. He says it works better, and it is all natural, so there is no poison in it. We use it on the dog and the outside cats too. It is wonderful around kids, because all the ingredients are food grade, safe for them to be around, safe for pets to lick.

That is our entire line of products. If any or all of these fit something you would like to represent, drop us a message or call us! We would love to talk to you.

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